StorageDefender Smart Storage Units at Ideal Self Storage

Always know your things are safe - monitor your unit from anywhere!

State-of-the-Art Self Storage Unit Security

Ideal Self Storage is now offering 24/7 monitoring of your self storage unit with the selection of a smart unit by StorageDefender. We take the security of your belongings seriously, and our smart units are part of our dedication to that.

With smart units, you can rest easy knowing your storage unit is secured. Receive real-time updates on the state of your storage unit right to your mobile device, allowing you to always have an eye on your belongings.

Even better, smart units work via texting—no app required!

Current list of our locations using our State-of-the-Art Self Storage Unit Security system.

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Rent Your Smart Unit Today

At Ideal Self Storage, we are committed to providing convenient and accessible self storage units. We know you want peace of mind when you leave your property in a storage unit, and our smart units are a key part of delivering on that peace of mind! Let us help you find the best self storage unit for your storage needs today.

Monitoring Service Built for You

Customize the escalation details for your real-time, 24/7 storage unit monitoring—all sent right to your phone via text.

Texting for Simple User Interface

Ditch the apps—we use an SMS text interface for your security alerts. No navigating menus, you just text a simple “Yes” or “No”!

Smart Technology in Action

Using A.I. and I.o.T. technology, our smart units convert physical activity in your storage unit to digital information. The system then processes this data, deploys rapid decision-making, and alerts you as necessary.

Next Level Security

Always know your things are safe - Monitor your unit from anywhere!
Motion Detection
Activity Motion Detection for your storage unit
Real Time Alerts
Our smart units can provide 24/7 real time alerts to you instantly
Noise Deterrent
Our units are equipment with a noise deterrent system
Event Escalation
You can select your subscriber specified escalation
Text Alerts
Get easy to use test alerts sent right to your mobile device

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